what if we could take clothes from our computer screen
I wanna make a giveaway but I'm poor

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BTS MVs number of views on ibigit youbute cchannel until august 20th 2014


Danger - 541.126 - very good. So proud of our boys.

Just one day - 990.660 (almost one million, let’s make it get there?)

Boy in luv - 1.919.786 (almost two million! we can make it)

N.O. - 773.375

We are bulletproof pt 2 - 986.296 (so close to one million too)

No more dream - 1.371.187 (can we make it two?)


donghae gonna be seen off in the corner of the mv eating a taco with “mamacita” written on it in salsa or something 

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140729 Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook
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this is so sad :’(

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